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Various Cast Iron Skillets to the Test—Here Are the Winners

Various Cast Iron Skillets to the Test—Here Are the Winners

A cast iron skillet is unquestionably the best investment in cookware: It improves with usage, and given how versatile it is, it is practically unequalled. Do chicken cutlets require shallow frying? Make a pan pizza if you’d like. Biscuits are about to be baked? All of that and more is possible with cast iron. In our quest to identify the top cast iron skillet, we put some of the most popular brands through a variety of evaluations to see which ones were the most efficient and required the least amount of effort to operate.

One of our top-rated cookware items for a long time—and it’s still the case today—is the basic cast iron skillet from Lodge. Although it weighs a little bit more than some of the competing options, it performs just as well as all of the others we tested and has pricing that’s hard to fault. We see little need for most people (living in the United States) to look somewhere else when you consider that it is created in the USA by a reputable corporation with a track record of success. The most practical size for most people is undoubtedly this 10.25-inch model, but larger 12-inch skillets are also wonderful to have, especially for larger families.

The Standards: Characteristics of a Great Cast Iron Skillet

From the various tests we conducted, we were able to come to the conclusion that the finest cast iron pan is one that successfully completes its primary functions, including searing, baking, and nonstick frying and sautéing.

The Tests

We concentrated on actions that would show how well each cast iron skillet performed its three most essential functions: searing, frying and sautéing, and baking in order to evaluate these pans. We documented each pan’s weight, bottom thickness and diameter, and smoothness in case any of those characteristics could explain how the pans performed during the more practical testing. We also evaluated the rate of heat conduction over time at the center and edge of each pan.


Additionally, we looked into ergonomic aspects like handling comfort and pour-spout effectiveness. These tests include:

  • Conduction measurement
  • Egg Frying
  • Steak searing
  • Convenience and ergonomics

From the result of our test, we discovered that Lodge Blacklock 10.25-inch skillet proved the best. The company’s endeavor to provide a choice for customers looking for cast iron that is forged to match historical requirements is represented by the Blacklock skillets from Lodge. They have been polished to a finer finish and are lower in weight. The curved contours of the handle in particular lend the skillet design an old-fashioned look.It also features tiny, shallow pour spouts, much like the other Lodge skillet. Other cast iron skillet that also did well includes:

  • Smithey Ironware No. 10 Cast Iron skillet
  • Field No.8 Cast Iron Skillet
  • Lancaster Cast Iron Skillet
  • Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets
  • Camp Chef 10″ Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
  • Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan
  • Starfrit’s The Rock Cast Iron Fry Pan:
  • Finex Fry Pan

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