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Sous Vide Steak Guide

Sous Vide Steak Guide

A very common question people always ask is “Why should I sous vide my steak?” and my answer always remain the same “because it is the surest method to consistently obtain properly cooked meat”.This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the Sous vide technique.

Making a steak using the conventional method of using a grill or cast iron skillet sometimes goes south – the steak might be overcooked or undercooked.

By eliminating all of the uncertainty, sous vide cooking consistently produces steaks that are prepared to your preferred level of crispiness. Additionally, since sous vide is such a mild cooking method, you can produce steaks that are cooked more uniformly all the way through than you would find at even the top steakhouses across the world

With sous vide pinpoint accuracy cooking, you have unmatched command over your steak and can exactly cook it to the desired degree of doneness. No more relying on speculation to ensure a medium-rare temperature. No thermometer poking, no cutting and peering, no finger jabbing—just consistently flawless results.

And last, sous vide gives outcomes that are not possible with conventional techniques. During typical high-heat cooking, the temperature of the meat varies. The steak may be ideally medium-rare in the center, but as you move toward the edge, it will get more and more well-done. Your meat is uniformly grilled from edge to edge when you cook it sous vide.

Finally, sous vide produces results that are not attainable with traditional methods. Meat temperature changes during regular high-heat cooking. Even while the steak may be perfectly medium-rare in the center, it will become more well-done as you approach the edge. When you cook meat sous vide, it is well cooked on both sides.

When getting a steak for sous vide cooking, ensure they are at least an inch and a half thick if possible two inches.

There is no doubt that temperature has an effect on the texture and juiciness of a steak. For well-done sous vide steak I recommend cooking at a temperature of 156oF (60oC) for about 1 to 3 hours.


Directions on how to make a steak Sous Vide Style

  1. Preheat the precision cooker
  2. Add seasoning to the steak
  3. Add spices of your choice
  4. Put the steak in a bag and seal
  5. Drop the bag with the steak in it into a water bath and cook for about 1-3 hours
  6. Remove steak from the bag and on both sides, gently pat it dry.

Next, we finish the steak on a stovetop

In order to increase flavor and texture, browning must be introduced after the steak has been cooked entirely sous vide. To give your meat a lovely, evenly browned crust, use the stovetop. If you wish to finish your steak on the grill outside, skip this stage.

  1. Warm up a skillet made of cast iron or stainless steel.
  2. Begin searing
  3. Add spices
  4. Turn to the other side and repeat. Ensure you don’t leave out the edges.
  5. Rest and re-crisp.

If you would rather finish on a grill, follow these steps

  1. Light the grill (both charcoal chimney and gas grill can be used)
  2. Sear the steak
  3. Serve

Sous Vide Steak





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